Oil Spill Recovery

Oil Spill Recovery

Mobile Oil-spill Recovery System- ENSOL-OSR (Oil Spill Recovery)For Collection of Leaked-Out Petroleum Products from Pipelines and Refineries


ENSOL, a renowned name in the field of environmental technology, now offers the all new vehicle-mounted, PTO (power take-off) driven ENSOL-OSR System.
Various regulations are laid down by relevant government agencies concerning cleaning of oil spills, which need to be adhered, for safeguarding the environment. Until recent years there was no systematic method available for collection of leaked petroleum products, causing substantial environmental damage. ‘With Ensol-OSR ‘, this is a thing of the past!

Ensol-OSR consists of a collection tank with 360’ rotatable suction boom and a superior dual cooled (air + water cooled) vacuum pump or compressor system. The power to the system is given from the truck engine through the PTO, creating the required vacuum in the tank for suction of the leaked product.

“Ensol-OSR ” comes equipped with a lighting system and an independent power generator, for carrying out operations during night and in remote areas.

Other features included in the “Ensol-OSR” are simplified control panel for easy operation reliable top-of-the line hydraulics for driving the system; corrosion resistant collection tank ; convenient storage compartment for tools and accessories (optional) ; and a large assortment of custom built accessories for added efficiency and long term dependability.

“Ensol-OSR” Oil Spill Recovery Machines are custom-made in capacities depending on gross vehicle weight (GVW) of truck chassis (suggested tank capacities : 1500 Its. on 5 ton GVW chassis ; 3000 Its. on 10 ton GVW chassis ; 6000 lts. on 16 ton GVW chassis ; 12000 Its. on 25 ton GVW & 3ssis).

Maintenance is virtually nil for these rugged machines and at the time when they need to be serviced, our after sales service is just a phone call away!



Once the leakage is detected, the Ensol-OSR unit is driven to the site of leakage. The suction boom (provided at the top of the tank for easy and precise positioning of the suction hose) is rotated and positioned in such a way that the suction hose accesses the leakage spot. The PTO is then engaged to create vacuum inside the tank. Once the vacuum is created, the boom valve is opened and the oil spill is directly sucked into the tank of the Ensol-OSR.

Ensol-OSR is then driven to the nearest slop tank, where the contents in the tank are discharged either by switching the vacuum pump to pressure mode or by tipping the tank hydraulically.

Ensol-OSR is very simple to operate and requires only one operator for carrying out the complete operation and maintenance with ease.



The heart of every Ensol-OSR is provided by quality BATTIONI SPA/JUROP/FRUITLAND or equivalent imported Vacuum Pump. The vane blades of the vacuum pump are of heat-resistant material with dual cooling system (air + water-cooled) to avoid overheating in tropical conditions. Designed for utmost in capability and output, pumps create greater amount of vacuum (95%) for efficient suction and require negligible maintenance.



  • Can clean oil spills and transfer oil from the slop tanks, where manual operation is virtually impossible.
  • Can pay for itself within one year of efficient use.
  • Maintenance is virtually nil for first few years.
  • Easy to operate as no special skill is required.
  • Elimination of old method of cleaning oil spills, thus upgrading dignity of labour.
  • Can be customized to suit any client’s requirement.
  • Can earn immense revenue from recovery, thereby offsetting the cost of the machine
  • Equipped for night operation
  • Equipped with all the safety features

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