Stationary Compactor

Stationary Compactor


Ensol Stationary compactor is designed for pressing and transporting cardboard and plastic materials and the municipal waste. The standard produced versions include 10 m3, 20 m3 and 24 m3. The pressing part is fixed to the container. The container has conic sides in order to enable better emptying.

The massive single-wing door with rectifiers enables perfect shifting of the pressed waste inside the container. The door can be equipped with rubber sealing in order to prevent the liquid waste leakage. The door is equipped with three hinges ratchet mechanism. This compactor is equipped with the tensing hook (handling hook can be provided upon request).

In order to enable simple handling, the press is equipped with four scrolls. The hydraulic system is placed in the container upper right part or over the slide part. The servicing door for the hydraulic cylinders is equipped with a safety switch.

A yellow indicator signals that the container is filled at 80%; when 100% filling occurs, the Pressing process automatically stops.

The pressing cycle (moving the slide forward and backwards) takes approx 55 seconds. If required, two pressing periods can be set. The times are preset to 10 and 60 minutes as a standard.


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