Road Sweeper

Road Sweeper


Minimum Working Width 1800mm
Dump Angel 400
Main Frame Tubular Frame Made of heavy duty beam structure
Material of construction High Grade mild steel
Main Brush Drive Drive through tractor P.T.O
Linkage to tractor Three Point Linkage System at rear of tractor
Wheels Four 8" heavy duty Solid Rubber caster wheels
Debris Hopper Attached with main Frame in front of brush , with easy unloading mechanism by hand lever
Main Brush Made of Special Steel and Nylon Bristles
Brush Drive Tractor P.T.O. Through Angle Gear
Dust Prevention Dust Preventing Rubber Flaps on each side of Main Body
Dust Control System Water spray system with pump, nozzle provided in front brush to control the dust while sweeping, Water tank capacity 60 Liters.


Parameter ECS-18A ECS-22
  ECS-18A_t ECS-22_t
Overall Dimension(L×W×H) 3265×1145×2130 mm 4180×1450×2270 mm
Engine Model KUBOTA V1505 Diesel Motor SOFIM8140.43
Engine Power 21kW/2600rpm 87kW/3600rpm
Max. Sweeping Width 1.80 m 2.20 m
Sweeping Speed 0-15 km/h 0-15 km/h
Max. Sweeping Capacity 21,000 m2/h 33,000 m2/h
Max. Suction Size 50 mm >110 mm
Max. Travel Speed 22 km/h 24.5 km/h
Min. Turning Diameter ≤6.5 m ≤6 m
Hopper volume 700 L 1570 L
Water tank volume 200 L 500 L
G.V.W 2,300 kg 4200 kg

ERS4000 ROAD SWEEPER (Power Sweeper)


Feature: The new generation suction sweeping road sweeper made by ENSOL is mainly used in sweeping the city road, bridge, square, airport, dock and so on. Original” four brooms in the center-rear nozzle” overall structure arrangement, wide sweeping width, and short front axle suspension, easy change the hose and adjust nozzle


  • The front brushes with spring impact protection system are driven by excellent international brand hydraulic motors, sweeping powerfully, the brushes rotating speed is adjustable.
  • Water-cooled diesel engine adopts ISUZU technique; Creative automatic clutch ensures aux. engine no load start; High efficiency and low noise special blower.
  • The cab with air-condition, providing comfortable operation condition, and central control box using excellent international brand electrical component, easy to operate.
  • Modular hydraulic valves are integrated highly, and the hydraulic pipelines arranged in order, easy to maintain. Further more, the brushes rotating speed can be adjusted steplessly by adopting screw cartridge.

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