• This equipment can dump the garbage on the Ground, as well as direct in to a Container and also in the Refuse Collector.
  • The capacity of the Auto Remover is 1.0 CuMtrs to 2.5 CuMtrs (Volumetric Cap. Hopper).
  • The dumping height from the Ground is 1000 mm / 1200 mm.
  • It facilitates faster operation



  • The number of trips can be increased.
  • It is totally hygienic and thus, much safer.
  • It can easily move in narrow lanes.
  • It provides completely covered transportation.
  • Multiple Handling is not required.
  • The segregation of garbage can take place at the source i.e. (Dry/wet), (Organic/Inorganic).
  • This equipment is capable of dumping garbage directly into a big container or Refuse Collector.
  • It speeds up operation allowing the user to cover larger area in short duration.



  • Small Town Ships, City Council & Big Factories.
  • Direct emptying into container or into refuse collector

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