Garbage Bins

Garbage Bins


  • International Standard, Made according to EN840-3.
  • Made from 1.5mm Hot dipped Galvanized Sheet.
  • The body parts of the garbage bin thru MIG welding.
  • Deeper combs ensure optimum accommodation on the lifting device robust arms facilitates the use of garbage collection vehicle.
  • Automatic lid opening while collecting waste with vehicle.
  • Body edge & lid designed for protection against rainwater.
  • Smoothly designed interior ensures optimum emptying and easy cleaning.
  • Lid relief spring: Adjustable on site using lid relief spring.
  • Liquid drain duct at the bottom with a cap for liquid drain.


  • Solid rubber tires.
  • Diameter: 200mm.
  • Max loaded weight: 270KG.
  • Wheel rotation of 360 degrees.
  • Wheel breaking devices (2 units)

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