Fire Fighters

Fire Fighters


Ensol Provides technologically advanced vehicle, which conforms all the safety standards. Used for emergency fire fighting these vehicles are designed for easy operations. With high carrying capacities, our vehicles offer superior performance in terms of acceleration, speed, carrying capacity etc. Our array of fire fighting vehicles includes Foam Tender and Emergency Rescue Tender, Water Bouser and DCP Tender.




Water Tenders that can be used to clean highways after collisions, chemical accidents, or pump water in floods. Our water tenders operate independently and are capable of drafting water from a hydrant, stream, lake etc. These tenders are generally used when there is not a working fire hydrant within reach of other fire equipment, or to give a possibility to supply the fire engine with a very rapid connection.



Chassis TATA LP -1613, 2516 / Ashok Leyland -Comet or Requirement
Pump Single / Double Stage / Multi – Pressure; Capacity (lpm) -1800, 2250, 3200, 4000 Pressure (kg/cm2) – 7 to 8.5 & 300 lpm at 30 TO 40 (kg/cm2)
P.T.O Full torque drive line.
Water Tank [S.S./M.S.] (L): 3000 to 5000
Hi-Pressure Hose Reel Optional
Optional Monitor and Accessories
Lockers Shutter / Door Type
Specifications IS 950 (Type B)/ IS 6067 (Type-X) / as per customer requirement.




Water Bouser that is used in cases of large fires, as its primary role is to get large quantities of water for fighting fire to different locations, to supply water to different fire fighting vehicles , or to act as a static emergency water supply. The bouser also has a demountable pump, which allows the vehicle to be used for quick attack purposes. The vehicle can be filled from any hydrant or other water supply, or open water using the on board pump.



Chassis Ashok Layland / Tata or Requirement
Pump Single / Double Stage / Multi Stage; Capacity (lpm) – 2200 to 6500 at Pressure (kg/cm2) – 7 to 10.5 kg
P.T.O Full torque drive line.
Water Tank [S.S./M.SJ (L): 5000 to 20000
Mounted Eq High pressure water monitor, hydraulic pneumatic / manual control
Optional Accessories
Specifications As per customer requirement




Dry Chemical Powder (DCP) system which is an excellent vessel that can discharge a total of 250 kg of DCP through a 30 m hose at 2.5 kg/sec using dry nitrogen as the propellant. Its storage compartments encompass a wide variety of rescue equipment like breathing apparatus and cutting equipments. Each vessel is fitted with battery gas cylinders and also has additional cylinders in spare capacity in case of emergencies.



Chassis TATA LPT -1613, 2516 / Ashok Leyland – Comet or requirement
DCP Vessel (kg) 2 x 1000, 2 x 2000 etc.
Expellent Gas (L): 6×122.5, 8×22.5 etc.
Mounted eq DCP Monitor Capacity : 15
Range 15 to 55 m etc.
Hose Reels 2×30 m with trigger pistol etc.
Optional Accessories
Lockers Shutter / Door type
Specification IS 10993 / as per Customer requirement




Foam Tenders carries 1,800 liters of Flouro protein foam liquid and foam making equipment. It is used for fighting fires that involve flammable liquids . These foam tenders prevent liquid spills from igniting. This vehicle carries high expansion foam for dealing with fires in restricted access areas, such as basements, ship holds etc.



Chassis TATA-1613, 2516 / Ashok Leyland – Comet, Cargo or requirement
PUMP Single / Double stage / multi – pressure; Capacity (lpm) -1800, 2250, 3200, 4000 Pressure (kg/cm2) – 7 to 0.5
P.T.O Full torque drive line
Water Tank [S.S./M.S.] (L): 3000 to 5000
Foam Tank [S.S./M.S] (L): 550 to 3000
Mounted Eq Foam monitor, Foam system (Automatic / Manual)
Optional Accessories
Lockers Shutter / Door type
Specification As per Customer requirement




Emergency Rescue Tender is a two seater fire fighter carrying a wide range of heavy rescue equipment to rescue people from fires in roads, rails, airplane accidents etc. Its Hi-Ab crane has a winch and its rescue equipment includes airbags, still saw, windscreen cutters etc. The tender also has hydraulic rescue equipment which is holmatro cutting equipment.



Chassis TATA LPT 709,1109, 1613 / Ashok Lay land etc.
Generator (kVA): 12 OR 15, P.T.O. operated
Light Mast  65/6 mtr Pneumatically / Hydraulically operated telescopic with 1000X4 halogen floodlight
Cable Wrench 5 ton pulling capacity with 60 mtr Rope.
Accessories Optional such as rescue tools, lifting bags. Jumping cushion and other safety & items.
Lockers Tray type with aluminum Shutter / Door.
Specification IS 949 / as per Customer requirement

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