Bin Lifter

Bin Lifter

Bin Lifter- Satellite Waste Collection :
Bin Lifter is equipment developed on a Four wheeler, and helps in collection, transportation and dumping of Garbage


  • One System can easily handle Lifting, Shifting & Dumping 10/12 Containers during Working Hours.
  • It facilitates safe and hygienic collection, storage and larger volume garbage transportation.
  • Fast Operation.



  • Can easily enter in Narrow Lanes/by lanes.
  • Number of Trips can be increased.
  • One man is sufficient.
  • Economical and available at an optimum Price.
  • Its ability to load the container from sides helps in avoiding traffic problems.




ENSOL CLS (Container Lifting System) developed on heavy duty two wheeled Trailer Chassis which can be towed or operated by a 35/55 HP Tractor depending upon the Container capacity.



  • A container having capacity up to 3.0 /4.5 cubic meter can be easily handled with the System.
  • One System can easily handle up to 10-15 Containers depending upon the lead distance from garbage collection point to the dumping Site.
  • The system with loaded Container is transported to the dumping site and the same is tipped hydraulically to discharge its load.



  • The Main Advantages of this machine are totally hygienic, no waiting period, more trips and less manpower required.
  • The existing LCV Dumper Placer container can be suitably lifted by Ensol CCS.
  • Economical and available at an optimum Price.
  • The cost of truck Chassis is saved and hence small municipalities can also afford it easily.
  • When not in use the System can easily be detached and the tractor can be used for other applications.

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