Dealership Form



(A) History

[1] Nature of Organisation ( Pvt Ltd , Partnership or Proprietorship )
[2] Year of Establishment

[3] Please attach your Company history, resume or brochure.

[4] GST/CST/Excise/IEC/SSI or any other registration( Pl. attach copy of same)

(B) Company Growth and Future Plans

[1] Do you have a sales plan or budget ?

[2] What are your growth plans ?

Territory Covered and Market Served

[1] What territory do you cover ?

[2] Will you expand or reduce the size of your territory for specific products if necessary ?

[3] What is your primary market ?

[4] What are your secondary markets ?

(C) Current Business Activity

[1] Area of Activity & Turnover (Last three financial year)
Product Company Year Before Last Last Year Current

(E) Office/ Warehouse Facilities

[1] How many offices/ WareHouse do you have ?

[2] Are they rented or owned ?

[3] Do You have any Display arrangement?

[4] How many people do you employ altogether?

Administration :
Sales :
Service :
Others :

(G) Management -Details of Proprietor/ Partners/ Directors / Key Personnel
Name Designation Age Qualifications Experience

(H) Product Lines

[1] Companies currently represented & Products handled

Name Nature of Association Tie up since when Product handled

[2] Do you think Ensol products are competition with your product range?

[3] Do any of our products conflict with the products of the suppliers you represent?

(I) Stock Ownership

[1] Do you own stock in any other the companies you represent ?

[2] How much investment you are planning to make in our products ?


(A) What other kinds of sales promotion do you use?

Exhibitions/ Road Shows/ Advertisements/Telemarketing / Any Other


[1] Do you send your salesmen to suppliers seminars or training programmes ?

[2] Do you conduct your own seminars or training programmes ?

[3] Do you offer your employees training in technological advances?


[1] Do you have servicing, testing or assembly facilities?

[2] Will you service equipment that was purchased outside your territory?

[3] Do your salesman offer minor servicing or customer education?

5. Banker’s Details


Please give additional information on separate sheet if required.

  • The applicant has made full disclosure of all information required in this application and all the information given by him is true in all respects.
  • The applicant further acknowledges that in case of misrepresentation, intentional or unintentional, in the information submitted in connection with the application, ENSOL reserve the right to no longer consider the application or reverse any decision taken on the basis of information provided in this application.
  • This Application Form entitles the applicant only to apply for a ENSOL Dealership.
  • The Application Form does not imply any commitment on the part of ENSOL to enter into any Dealer Agreement with the applicant.
  • The applicant certifies that he is not suffering from, or aware of any legal disability that would prevent him from being appointed as an authorized dealer of ENSOL.
  • The applicant acknowledges that any obligations undertaken or expense incurred by him in submitting this application shall be incurred entirely on the applicant’s own behalf.
  • The applicant authorizes ENSOL to make any inquiries it may consider necessary to verify this information and to share the information with an agency appointed by ENSOL for the purpose of verifying the given information.
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Please send your application forms by Courier/ Registered Post/ Speed Post to Ensol Multiclean Equipments Pte. Ltd.. Dealers Development Department to
the following Address:

Network Development Team
Ensol Multiclean Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
401, Neelkanth, # 1
Bhawani Singh Road, Jaipur-302001
Rajasthan, India

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