Our Commitments

Our Commitments

ENSOL is committed to environment through Waste Management Infrastructure by innovation & distribution of quality equipments and services. Our Mission & Values To provide total solution for Waste Management & Sustainable Environment by providing "Technologically Advanced Quality Products & Services of Global Standards"


  • Integrity : Practice what you preach, be honest and truthful in all your dealings. Have the courage to do the right thing.
  • Loyalty and Respect : Be loyal; never betray the trust of your associates, clients or vendors. Be respectful and forthright; treat others as you would expect to be treated. Be tolerant of different opinions.
  • Leadership and Accountability : Being accountable to your own choices is a sign of maturity and leadership.


  • Teamwork : Contribute passionately and assume responsibility for the productivity of all other team members.
  • Be a Problem Solver : We are being paid by customer to solve problems, so offer solutions not excuses.
  • Communication / Responsiveness : Share information and knowledge as appropriate and instantly. Time is essence of communication, be helpful and respond promptly.


  • Quality : Out reputation steams directly from quality solutions. Quality is maintained by high standards & high expectations. We want happy clients and not busy maintenance & customer complaint department.
  • Deliver Value : We will provide our clients with premium quality at a competitive price. We will continually look for ways to improve our process while maintaining high quality.
  • Satisfaction : We will constantly and carefully listen to our clients and quickly do all in our power to provide them with exceptional quality, value and satisfaction. We value our clients' right to be satisfied with our products and services.


  • Systems Thinking : Predictable and repeatable process is the solution. We value robust process dependency, which is driven by individual accountability; rather then people dependent process.
  • Reward : We believe in fair, even generous compensation based on individual merit.
  • Freedom : We value our freedom. We constantly strive to remain debt free and financially independent. We value education, learning and mastering our skills. Profitable growth enables our pursuit of innovations and independence.

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